Games played at Hull Paintball

Your missions - should you choose to accept them!

We do not endorse boring, long duration games.

We believe customers come to Hull Paintball to get stuck in and play as many games as possible during the session. Half days we play 8 - 10 games, Full days 15 -20 games.

The play area has been designed to be fast and intense, as soon as the start whistle blows you are thrust into the thick of the action - no long walks, no stalking you know that the enemy is in front of you your mission is to shoot the enemy and accomplish the mission.

The missions you can expect to face at Hull Paintball include....

Team Shoot Out


The mission is to shoot the opposing team as many times as possible, the team that scores the most hits wins.

This is a great warm up game to get your blood pumping and familiarise yourself with your paintball gun and the site layout

Tank Attack


This is a bunker game where one team occupies a static defensive position.

The static defensive position in this game is a tank and from inside the tank you must stop the attacking team gaining a position that will enable them to shoot down four targets on the tank bonnet.

Each team gets a chance to attack and defend, the team that shoots down all the targets in the fastest time wins.

Saving Private Rylan


Just like the opening scenes in the film of a similar name - one team stacks and packs into the landing craft, the other team position themselves in to large tower forts, one of which is approx 40 meters away from the landing craft.

On the 1st whistle both teams can open fire, 2nd whistle the landing craft door comes down and the team exits into a hail of paintball fire. They must then fight their way to and get as many members of their team to an RV point at the other end of the field.

On the 3rd whistle - end of game.

Each team gets to exit the landing craft, the team that gets the most players to the RV point wins.

Prison Game


Each team has a start point and a prison.

The objective is to get as many of your team into prison before the final whistle. Once in Prison you must defend yourselves and not get shot, all Players who get shot must return to their start point.

The TERMINATOR  (A terminator would kick a Predators butt any day!) joins in on this game so not only do players have to keep their eyes pealed for the appositiveopposing team, they have to watch out for the Terminator who freely walks about shooting  ‘moving’ targets.

Stay still and your safe , move and you will be Terminated.

Our Terminator does not use a top end pimped up gun like at other sites, he uses a site gun - BUT HE NEVER MISSES !!!

We do not endorse or condone the use of a Predator who walks around blasting and hurting players with a fully automatic paintball gun.

Capture the Welly


The mission is to capture a welly and return it to your teams HQ, the first team to accomplish the mission wins.

The is a running game which requires both teams to run into strategic positions and exercise their capture and attack plans.

Save the president


One team ‘the terrorists’ go off and set up an ambush.

The other team delegates a member of their team to be the president who wears a distinguishable coat (The president carries a gun to defend himself) the other team members act as body guards who must protect their president .

The object of the mission is to safely escort the president to a predetermined RV point or as anear as  possible without getting the president assassinated - all it takes is one clean shot on the presidents coat and game end.

Each team gets a chance to be be body guards and terrorists.

The winning team is the one that accomplishes the mission in the fastest time or who gets their president closest to the RV point.



A bunker game - One team occupies the Alamo fort with nowhere to run.

Two cones are placed outside the Alamo, the attacking side must collect both cones and return them to an RV point. Alamo must use good team work to direct their fire that will stop the attacking team capturing the cones. The attacking team must  direct their fire towards the Alamo to keep their heads down and lay down cover that will enable them to get close enough to capture the cones.

Oop’s forgot! The cones are placed 15 meters away!

Great Escape


This is perhaps our customers favourite game and is the only game where both teams play as one team - The Prisoners!

Usually two marshals (The guards)  position themselves in the middle of the play area (subject to availability of additional marshals to supervise - otherwise the guards will be volunteers from the players).

The objective is for all the prisoners to escape from their start point and fight their way to an RV point at the other end of the site. If prisoners get shot they return to the start point and resume playing, if the guards get shot they count aloud to 10 then resume playing. During these 10 seconds the prisoners have a great opportunity to run to the RV or gain a better shooting position. GREAT FUN !


During the shorter days of the winter months, we are happy to offer an exciting extra challenge to your paintballing experience.... NIGHTBALL.

Nightball is paintballing under a floodlit battle arena, which means there is plenty of opportunity for snipers to hide away in the shadows as well as the battlements.

Night ball games are available between DUSK - 9PM normal prices apply + £5 surcharge to cover the floodlighting (Minimum Silver Deal).

Splat Alley

On site shooting gallery for all ages

Splat Alley target shooting is ideal for younger players or perhaps those adverse to getting shot at with paintballs themselves. A shooting gallery experience to practice your skills in a safe fun environment.

This game is available onsite for £100 for up to 10 players, with additional players allowed at £7 each.

  • Splat attack target shoot
  • Structured target shoot competition
  • Multi station combat shoot
  • Includes 200 paintballs per person
  • Semi automatic hand gun
  • Semi automatic paintball gun
  • Fully automatic paintball gun

Mobile Splat Alley

Mobile shooting gallery for all ages or events

We can bring splat alley to you! Ideal for private parties or public events, we bring a safe but fun attraction to your venue either to raise money for your cause, or just to provide some party fun that will be remembered for months to come!

The shooting gallery is 20ft x 8ft (fully enclosed).

ONLY £150 (includes 2000 paintballs for private parties)

NOTE: extra paintballs may need to be purchased at the usual pay as u go & bulk buy rates

SPLATMASTER -low impact paintball

Perfect introduction to paintball. Suitable for our young customers and adults who don't fancy playing regular paintball.

Static target shoot x1 - players take it in turns to familiarise themselves with the pump action splatmaster paintball gun.

Timed circuit target shoot x 2 - players run to predetermined points to shoot  targets  against the clock.

Team games x 4 - This is were players get the opportunity to shoot the other team just like regular paintball.

Distance sniper shot x 1- each player gets the chance to hit a far off target - windage and elevation !!